Our licensing program differentiates us from our competitors, allowing Go Greenly boutique owners more freedom in their business dealings and without paying the unreasonable royalty fees, marketing fees as well as other hidden fees. At Go Greenly, we’ve built a unique business model into a remarkable profit-generating machine. With plenty of help and assistance ranging from corporate knowledge to logo design, centralized ordering scheme, quality control and work flow management, you can tap into this rapidly growing immediately. Since we have already built a solid foundation for this profit proven model, you don’t have to start from scratch. All you have to do is to get ready to unleash our potential and see our business grow. There are no royalties nor marketing fees like other franchise charges, as we believe our sales belongs to you 100%. Additionally we do not impose restrictions on the type of menu you serve. To better respond to local competition and meet customer needs, Go Greenly gives you licensee total control over its menu items and product privacy.

Below you will find some of the basic information regarding Go Greenly licensing cost and concepts to get you started:

What investment is required?

The estimated initial development costs of a Go greenly frozen yoghurt boutique ranges from $95,000 to $250,000 which includes the license. You will need to demonstrate financial stability, with liquid assets available to devote to this project of $50,000 and minimum net worth of $ 100,000.

How long is my License agreement?

Your initial license agreement is 2 years with an options to renew.

How much is the license fee?

There is no license fee!

Does Go Greenly provides training?

Yes. Go Greenly will make arrangements for your privacy staff members to have 6-10 days of intensive training. Periodical operation training will be provided upon request after store opening.

Who determines the site and builds of a Go Greenly frozen yoghurt boutique?

You will submit all relevant information concerning the site to us, and we will analyze it. Based on our experience we will either approve the site or advice you to choose another site(of course, this is no guarantee of success). Once a site is approved, we will provide you with representative plans and specifications. You are responsible for hiring the architects, designers and construction company to work with you to build your Go Greenly boutique.

What kind of site works best?

A Go Greenly boutique can succeed in variety of locations such as downtowns, strip centers and quick service locations. We believe any site where well-educated, sophisticated consumers can be found has the potential to be a successful Go Greenly boutique. Square footage should range from 700 to 1300 square feet. The prime site is one that is situated on an inbound.

What about development of new products and equipment?

Go Greenly understands how important it is to monitor current trends in the frozen yoghurt and desserts sector. We have a team devoted to the development and education of new and creative offerings. Additionally we now offer soft-serve machines taylored to your budget. Prices generally run about 40-50% less than the leading brands. All machines are brand new.

What is the return on investment?

The average monthly sales revenue will be set between US $ 15,000-$65,000 based on the operation conditions and the managerial competence. The return will depend on the store location and operation principles.